3rd April, 2020

Importance of Urban Gardening

1. It puts school lessons into practice and can boost children’s interest in agriculture

Urban agriculture gives students an opportunity to try things out at home and more so, put their class lessons into practice. Through urban gardening, they easily connect their lessons to real-world gardening and how it is done, thereby increasing their stock of knowledge about cultivating plants.

2. It can boost food security

Urban gardening increases the land area utilized for agriculture, thereby increasing food security as the world population soar and arable land constantly facing depletion.

With urban gardening involving simple food crops such as vegetables and fruits, it can help reduce the dependence of vegetable and fruit produce from farms or imported from other countries, thus increasing available food for families and urban dwellers.

It also gives urban dwellers access to readily available foods that are rich in nutrients, supplementing other food products. As a result, it can serve as a solution to food insecurity for the future amidst the mounting concerns of how the billions of people on the planet will be fed.

3. Urban gardening is of economic importance and creates jobs

Urban gardening can make a city’s economic base expand by creating economic activities through the production, packaging, and selling opportunities for food, vegetable, herbs, and fruit products.

As a result, jobs are created, the cost of food goes down, and people consume more quality foods. A healthy community also translates to vibrant and hardworking people who can work towards building the economy.

At the same time, considerably big urban gardens may require the services of gardening experts thus creating new jobs.

4. It is of social importance and creates environmental awareness

Urban gardening allows individuals to socially interact, contributing to society’s social and emotional wellbeing. It creates a sense of community participation for not only the community but also individuals and families, making community events more possible and easier to work on.

5. Urban gardening improves the overall human body wellbeing

The ability to grow and produce one’s own food or for the family has been identified to improve a person’s mental and emotional state as well as self-efficacy because gardening calms and refreshes the mind.

The process of digging, mowing, raking, and tending to plants is also said to provide maximum body movement and the stretching of almost all the body muscles.

According to experts, gardening exercises burn calories fast (digging and shovelling: up to 250 calories, weeding: 105 calories, mowing: 195 calories, raking: 100 calories). Researchers have equally associated gardening with overall reduced risks of obesity, diabetes, and coronary heart disease.

6. It ensures healthy living

Urban gardening guarantees the consumption of healthy foods that are predominantly organic, “home-grown,” and free of artificial fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides. In other words, it gives you and your family control of the nutrients you get from your food.

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Aside from healthy foods, urban gardening has an element known as “horticulture therapy,” which is reported to enhance plant-human relationships that considerably reduces stress, blood pressure, anger and fear, and muscle tension by inducing relaxation.

7. It benefits the environment

Urban gardening reduces carbon footprints by reducing carbon emissions during the transportation of food, vegetables, and fruits from other regions or countries.

It also relieves the farms where agriculture was traditionally practiced, freeing the land for natural regeneration.

Besides, urban gardening does not contaminate as much soil as in the traditional agricultural setting, through fertilizers, hazardous chemicals, and other wastes.

What is more, it provides wholesome environmental regeneration by improving air and water quality, protecting urban ecological biodiversity, and promoting water and organic waste recycling.

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